Lumpsum Calculator


Mutual Funds investments are mainly classified into two categories – Lumpsum and SIP. In lumpsum investments the depositors invests an amount of money in a particular mutual fund scheme. Besides, SIP or Systematic Investment Plan invests a lesser amount on a monthly basis.

Both this mutual fund investment plans have their honest share of benefits. Majority of the investors favours lumpsum investments as there are less variables associated and the returns are relatively on the higher side.

To check your overall returns on lumpsum mutual fund investments, you can use the mutual fund lumpum calculator which is available online.


This calculator can be used by the mutual fund investors to find out the overall returns on their investments.

Types of returns for lumpsum investments are mentioned below-

  • Absolute Return
  • Total Return
  • Annualised Return
  • Point to point Return
  • Trailing Return
  • Rolling Return

It is very important for the investors to understand all these types of investments to earn maximum benefit from their mutual fund investments.

Now lets go through the benefits of using the lumpsum return calculator:

  • Lumpsum calculator gives you the basic idea of the returns during your whole investment period. You can calculate your investments as 1 year, 3 year or 5 year returns using this calculator.
  • This calculator is very easy to use for every common person.
  • It offers a fairly accurate estimate. Mutual fund investments are centered to market risk and it cannot be predicted with pinpoint accuracy.
  •    A Lumpsum calculator allows an investor to plan their finances in a better way based on the overall return that they are about to receive during their investment period.


All the lumpsum calculator mutual funds have a specific method to calculate the returns on an investment. Its compound interest formula with one of the variables being number of times the interest in compounded in a year.

The formula is given below-

A = P (1 + r/n) ^ nt

The parameters are mentioned in the table below-


Estimated return


Present value


Rate of return


Duration of investment


Number of compound interest in a year


This formula can be used to calculate the mutual funds return accurately.

For example imagine investing Rs 15 Lakh with a 12 % for a 5 – year duration compounding every 6 months.

The overall calculation in this plan will be-

A = Rs. 15,00,000 (1+12%) ^ 5

As you can guess, it is a compound equation which is yet to be figured by majority of investors. But the Lumpsum MF Calculator calculates it with ease.

Therefore your estimated return at the end of 5 year duration will be Rs. 26,43,513.