Retirement Online Calculator


Retiring comfortably is possible if you know how to invest and save your money wisely. To determine the return amount of investments you will be able to gain, you will need the help of retirement calculator. We must always keep it in mind that planning for the future is a mixture of both financial and investment sagacity.

Every citizen either salaried or self employed, needs proper retirement planning. Our retirement calculator has a standard retirement planning calculator which is by far the best.

How does the Retirement Calculator help you?

In India the retirement calculator can benefit us in the following ways:

  • It  can assist you to calculate the amount you need to save very month to retire with a good amount after your retiremnet.
  • This calculator helps you discover the exact investment opportunities.
  • A retirement savings calculator assists you to  identify the different retirement planning  policy which exist and helps you review and compare them also.
  • If you have any higher plans like post-retirement then our calculator will help you save for such requirements and planned spending sessions.
  • Our online retirement calculator is helful when you want the results instantly and you need to take decisions on future investment along with other important options.

Calculating Retirement Benefits using Our Calculator.

Our calculator uses the compound interest to find out the total amount you will be able to gather as per the investments made post-maturity.

These values are given in the following table alongs withn the figures for explanatory purpose –


Total monthly expenses (in Rs)

Rs. 40,000

Your present age (in years)


Your retirement age (in years)


The average life expectancy (in India)


Average inflation rate per annum


Existing investments for retirement (including EPF)

Rs. 2,00,000




As per our formula the individual still has 30 years of employment and savings along with 10 years more post-retirement. A view of necessities and savings post-retirement –

  • One needs a total aggregation of Rs. 58.18 Lakh for post-retirement.
  • One needs to invest around Rs. 3,878 every month to reach the post-retirement figure.

How to use the online Retirement Calculator?

This calculator is easy to use. You have to enter the accurate values in the respective slots and you will get the results in seconds.